At David Sassoon each garment is hand cut and individually constructed by our expert tailors to create the perfect silhouette. With great care and attention to detail we noticed how men’s bodies are shaped and we have modified traditional patterns to better suit each man’s natural build. The result being, a full line of suits and menswear that fits like a glove.

Traditionally, tailoring is associated with the construction of perfectly fitting men’s suits. David Sassoon believes that every man should be dressed to perfection no matter the occasion. David has taken the principles of tailoring to make everyday clothes that fit better than most other garments available off the rack. 

David’s pieces are constructed for better comfort and functionality. For this reason, when you move in a David Sassoon suit it moves with you. Here at David Sassoon we acknowledge that men’s bodies aren’t shaped in straight lines and right angles, therefore none of our garments are either. David Sassoon jackets are built with rounded shoulders that hug you and create a comfortable and perfectly fitting garment that fits your physique.

David Sassoon slim fit pants are made to never sag because each waistband is hand cut and rounded to better complement a man’s natural shape coupled with a narrow tapered pant leg that visibly elongates and slenderizes for a look that hugs your frame from the hips all the way down to the leg opening. 

Each piece is made from the finest quality materials and is cut and tailored to perfection so that it maintains its structure throughout the day and the lifetime of the garment.

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